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      Our professional team is here to make sure that your masterpieces are in the best hands.

      Whether this project involves handling individual pieces of artworks or whole collections, Infinity Pack & Ship can take care of it.

      To make sure your masterpieces are protected with the best equipment, we have a specially built safe that allows access for large pieces as well.

      White Glove Service

      A premium delivery service, with special attention to details, especially with fragile or very expensive items, such as works of art.

      Fine Art - make sure that your artworks are in the best hands

      We offer services for museums, private collectors and institutions that include:

      • Installation of art objects / cultural artifacts
      • Exhibition Management
      • Handling of large and delicate sculptures
      • Setting up art work
      • Security systems for sculptures
      • Installation of moveable partitions / moveable suspension systems
      • Lighting systems and installations
      • IT inventory management
      • Restoration support
      • Insurance services